Dogs on Thursday: Life With Lailah

Lailah is now six months old. She often has this quizzical expression as she encounters so many new experiences. She is one peppy princess. Always into my yarn, knocking over bottles of Diet Coke, dragging things around the house. Energetic in the extreme!!

Lailah peeking to see if she's in trouble maybe?
Me: "Lailah, what have you done NOW?"
She enjoyed celebrating DGD's birthday by playing with the helium balloons. Those things were incredibly unpoppable!! (yes--new word!)

Since she couldn't manage to sink her teeth into the balloon, she decided to drag it around by the ribbon -- which was not easy---or by the knot in the balloon. Clever girl, she is!

So, this morning, DH brings her home from the vet where she had spent the night after having surgery to spay her yesterday. She got home around 10 AM after having a pain pill, so naturally I expected her to do this all day. You know pain, discomfort, anesthetic wearing off, pain pill. Doesn't that equal sleep? Lots of sleep? Nope! She was zipping around as usual--dragging pillows off the sofa, trying to get to Max's collar, distributing my yarn through the entry way, banging into things with her undeserved halo. You know, the usual. These cute sleepy pictures were taken at 9PM ! She was hustling all day!

I'm calling her "Sister Mary Lailah" now.


Beth said...

Sister Mary Lailah is still so cute! How long does she have to wear the halo and can go back to being regular Lailah? :)

Pooch said...

She has to wear it for 10 days until her stitches are removed. She's adapted to it amazingly well.

Jennifer said...

Aww, poor Lailah! I love the pic of her peeking around the doorway :)

Beth said...

When I had Pearl spayed, she seemed to be sleepy for the entire next week. The exact opposite from Lailah! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! TÃ¥king it like a real trooper, though! Great pictures to lighten up my day!

Donna said...

What an adorable pup. I hope she has a speedy recovery. I can just imagine how it feels to pet her. Our neighbors had a boxer and he was a lamb. They are energetic though....but very cute!


Thank-you, Daaaaaaaaaarling, for all those lovely goodies sent my way over the last few months! You certainly made my SP 11 experience a delightful one!!