Hey!! I'm ready to go! Somebody?!

Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger?
More? Less?Why?
Since retiring, I have more time for pleasure reading. I am doing much more knitting and reading and enjoy the leisure time. However, I must confess that I do not keep up with professional journals now.

How would you characterize your reading at this point in your life?

To Moo: About those beautiful peppers in yesterday's post, DH uses my Nonna's recipe to make Pickled Peppers. A quick and easy recipe:

2 quarts cold water
2 quarts white vinegar
1 cup kosher salt

Stir until salt is dissolved.

Tightly pack the peppers into the jars.

When using banana peppers or Hungarian wax peppers, pack the whole pepper into the jars.

Add 2 cloves garlic and 1 Tablespoon olive oil into each jar.

Add vinegar solution to cover the peppers.

Allow two weeks before eating. Do not refrigerate. Then,

Happy eating with love from my dear mother and my bella Nonna!

Door Sign: Let those who are coming in first.


Rhonda said...

What a cute poochie! *big grin* And the peppers look good too - yum :) Thx for the visit. Come visit often.

Vivian said...

I'm doing much more leisure reading (mostly audio books actually) than when I was younger, but I'd prefer doing more serious book reading/studying. Time is a big factor, with a full time job, commute, a house to run and all. Hope one day things will slow down and there will be more time with a good book on the desk.

Andrée said...

what a beautiful dog you have. I have to send that recipe to my daughter. she would love them.

Nichole said...

She is soooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Need to catch up here! I read more now because kids are grown and I am not working and I only read for pleasure or for learning or nurturing.