Welcome back-welcome back-welcome back...

This basket of goodness welcomed me home from North Carolina --- my yarn for the AbFab throw!! Isn't it luscious just setting there??! I ordered it at
Soooo nice to come home to...along with DH and Max, that is!! I am making it in the Scallops pattern in powerful, passionate purple for DGD. Actually, Collinette named it "Amethyst", which indeed it is! Amethyst also happens to be the birthstone that this DGD and I share since she was born on my birthday in February! Wonders abound! She has redecorated her bedroom in purple-everything so, of course, this kit called my name! I've been wanting to make it for about four years now, so the time has come. It's all about the yarn-the yarn-the yarn!!

Here are a few pics from the Biltmore Estate beginning at the entry gate. It is six miles from this point to the house.
We toured the farm village, winery, the deer park area for lunch and a carriage ride on the first day.

We spent the second afternoon touring the house, gardens, and court yard. Of course, the house and its furnishings are glorious. I enjoy looking back in time to see how people lived during the gilded age. I must say that I was even more keen on the beauty of this huge estate, the natural beauty in the trees and plants. The estate is so vast that I felt transported in this springtime landscape. A truly prayer-inspiring setting.

We also spent time at the Billy Graham Center in Asheville. This is the chapel spire towering over the trees. This too is situated on an enormous, natural acreage purchased by Reverend Graham during the '50s for retreats, seminars, and training. There are more pics at

You have not lived until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.


Traceyleezle said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful yarn. Wow!

Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful looks so peaceful there.

Love the colours in your yarns...the afghan is going to be beautiful; can't wait to see it!

Tracey said...

*pokes Pooch in arm* TAG! I tagged ya for a meme! Come on over to my blog for details.