Journey to the Center of the Earth

Max completes inspection on the final panel of the worldghan. I am currently adding the red pennant-like points and then will be ready to attach it to the ghan.
I am going to do more with the crocheted edging I added to the pattern. It currently has a row of navy single crochet.

Of course, this is in "raw" form--unblocked and no finishing touches.

This has been an enjoyable, frustrating, huge project. I am beginning to feel a weight lifting as I near completion. Why? Because it has taken much longer than I had anticipated--for various reasons--and because I'll be so happy to give it to J.

Note: I thought this was a huge project, but I totally take that back! Click on this link to see why!!


Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
---Charles Swindoll


Sharon said...

Wow! Totally impressive. What an accomplishment.

Beth said...

I still think your project is huge! It looks great!

Tracey said...

I have really enjoyed watching this 'ghan grow.

Great quote.

baba black sheep said...

wow wow wow you did an awsome job an that blanket. a work of art to be proud of

WandaWoman said...

It's gorgeous!

Terri Lynn said...

Wow, Pooch, job well done. My husband and I do software programing for agencies needing mapping programs and I collect map! This would be a great thing for me to make, do you have a pattern? This is so cool!