The World Unraveled

Chicken Little may think the sky is falling, however my world unraveled last night! I was very brave about it, not stoic, but brave. After seeing some loose stitches along the color changes, I pulled the switch..errr...yarn and removed the ocean from the world. I pray there were no casualties! It is now reknitted to the point of the very first posting about J's world. There! Now I feel better.
Another Christmas gift is completed! Yaaay! All two items that I knitted for gifts this year are finished! (Hold the drumroll and trumpet fanfare, please!) Isn't it these small victories that bring us joy?!! Here is the striped, mitered tote bag in prefelted mode. Then after the magic of hot water, detergent and agitation, it is all wonderfully sized and finished. The free pattern is available at
The colors are Renaissance blue, navy, and plum from Jo Sharp done on size 9s. I enjoyed the mitering so much that I have started a mitered throw using leftover yarns in shades of green including two different shades in chenille on size 13s. I know! I know! I just started the Ghan of the World, but what can I say? Although I am an avowed one-man-woman, alas I am easily wooed by patterns and become a multi-project addict all too easily. Just take a look at the simple, yet lovely mitered squares ghan here Now you understand, don't you? Amazingly, it is knit in one piece! It's just all too easy, too alluring, and...I fell! Spare me thoughts of little J waiting forlornly for his World Ghan!In other news, a summer read found its way to the top of my book stack. Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand rather drifted into a Harlequin teen romance through most of the midsection. The focus is a family that returns to their Nantucket summer home for their yearly stay after the sudden death of the father in a plane crash. The wife and teen twins are shattered and endure a summer accentuated by old romance, new romance, death, birth, and renewal. The writing is not terribly impressive. It is a nice, easy read. :)

Praise the LORD with melodies on the lyre; make music for him on the ten-stringed harp. Sing new songs of praise to him.
Psalm 33:2-3, NLT

All good wishes for a happy, blessed 
Thanksgiving Day!

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