Crocheted Quickies

Here are two small projects that I enjoyed making for Christmas past. Sister Merry-Merry was crocheted with worsted weight yarn and an F hook. She is stuffed with black hosiery to avoid white batting from showing between the stitches. You can find the pattern at

The ginger bread ornament was made in the same way with an F hook and worsted weight yarn. Cinnamon and ginger sprinkled on the filling add a freshly baked aroma to this ornament. I particularly enjoyed decorating the gingerbread man! Find him at
Snobs by Julian Fellowes is a satire of British society which is perhaps third or fourth strata of self-important people living in country estates and manors. Edith, common but pretty, weds the passive, dim son of a very haughty mother, Lady Uckfield. Love that name! Not an impressive book, but got more interesting as I read on. The great questions about marriage and happiness being answered with "I'm happy enough." Trade offs.
There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.--Mother Teresa

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