Off the Sticks...

Hands and Heart: Made with Bernat Soft Boucle on size 17 needles, this long scarf is knitted on 41 stitches in moss/seed stitch. I crocheted a fairly wide scalloped edging to provide a finished look.

Eyes and Mind: The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford is set in the environs of London in the 1920s and 30s. The story details social life and mores of the upper class a few rungs below the royals. The unconventional family is led by a foul tempered uncle of the storyteller who spends summers with her seven unruly cousins at Alconleigh--a wild estate filled with game to hunt and horses to ride. The exploits of the family are shocking and surprising. The aunt and uncle as well as the other characters are based on the author's family, who indeed must have been shocked and surprised when they read the book!

The second story in this volume centers on socialite Polly Hampton who engages in a scandalous affair that could destroy her social standing. Nancy Mitford's writing has a beautiful flow, precise language, wit, and satire.

...make me truly happy by agreeing whole-heartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one heart and purpose.
---Philippians 2:1-2, NLT


Judy said...

Welcome to the Christian Knitter's webring. Yes, I think you have finally arrived to blogworld! I started mine soon after I began to teach knitting and crocheting in that my students can learn through my projects. You will find many friendly fellow knitters in blogworld, I know I did. Enjoy!

Pooch said...

Thank you so much, Judy! How exciting! You are the first person to comment on my blog! I feel like I should give you a prize! I will lift you in prayer and praise God for you and your encouraging message.