People Like Us

This is a fun baby gift to crochet in the half-double stitch with worsted and an H hook using each of the pocket colors for the border. The final border row is picot done with yellow. Crochet each pocket separately and whip stitch to the blanket. I crocheted the animals for the first one of these I made. As you can see, I purchased small, plush animals for this one.

People Like Us is a tour de force of the frivolous and avaricious among certain people in New York City society. It is all the more appalling because it is based on Dunne's experiences as a quasi-member of this social group in the years following the murder of his daughter.
The character of Gus Bailey is quite obviously based on the author who uses his fictional self to avenge the ridiculously meager prison sentence given to the murderer. That, however, is the underlying story of Gus. The focus of book is on the wealthy, wealthier, and trying to be wealthy as they claw and scratch their way through the social house of cards. In disappointment, shame, or sorrow, there rises the indominantable human spirit.

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy. -Helen Hayes (at 73)

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