Doll Blanket and Bunks

So DH assembled adult daughter's toy bunk bed set at my request. This set is circa late '60s and in new condition. I love baby dolls and have a few that I've collected just because they touched me in some way. I'm thinking that the bunk beds and the doll crib I have will be a lovely way to display them in my bedroom. I have kept them in my curio cabinet and would enjoy having them displayed differently. However, what about dust? They are so pretty in the cabinet, but less inviting to hold.

While pondering these weighty concerns, I am knitting doll bedspreads/blankets for the bunks and using stash! Yes! I know! This is straight, mindless stockinette minus the two inches of seed stitch border at each end. This Bernat Jacquard is especially fun for me since I don't knit socks and use all the interesting self-striping and patterned sock yarns on the market. Seeing these patterns appear is magical and does keep things interesting when knitting so much stockinette.

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Beth said...

Great idea! I musn't show my kids :-)

MarmePurl said...

so many interesting ways to use sock yarn other than socks! Loved going through your reading list...saw a few I'd love to get to if I could just put the needles down for a bit..

WonderWhyGal said...

I love the doll bedspread you are making. I still have my cradle that my Grandpa made me and my daughter has a bunk bed set that we got her for her American Girl Dolls. I never thought to knit the spread...good idea.