11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King

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It was slow going at the beginning, but once the set-up is in place, it is a completely gripping story. The writing drew me in and kept me. It is altogether spell binding with many points of connection for those of us who lived in the '60s and remember the absolute horror of the events surrounding 11/22/63. The characters are richly drawn, absolutely believable, and will live in my memory for quite some time. I haven't read other works by Stephen King, however this amazing creation captured me and held me because of his precise and evocative writing.

The audio version is one reader doing very distracting voice changes, i.e.,he sounds like Owen Wilson. It might be his natural voice? He voiced a Florida woman's which sounded like Bill Clinton! Then, a Dallas police officer with the voice of John Wayne. There's the FBI agent at the end of the book with a voice reminiscent of W. C. Fields impersonators. Actually made me LOL even though the material was not funny. His impersonation of JFK was quite weak. All in all, I was very distracted by the reader.

I enjoyed hearing King discuss his book in the Afterword. The writing process is fascinating and hearing a powerfully skilled author is completely engrossing.

If you enjoy a bit of history, time travel, and a touch of dystopia or, even if you don't, I highly recommend this book. If you're a Boomer, all the better!!

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Beachreader said...

This does sound good. I was in 9th grade that fateful day. I've downloaded the sample to my Kindle but as a long-time Stephen King fan, I am certain I will end up downloading the entire book. King's long tomes are perfect for the Kindle -- no more hauling those doorstoppers around! I see you're reading the Diane Keaton. Will be looking forward to your review.
Maudeen from OTPS