Plymouth In Progress

Block One of the mitered ghan for DGS#5 is now complete and ready to grow! I've been sketching ways to place these mitered squares to achieve the look I'm imagining. I'm not even going to attempt to describe it! The darker striped blocks are actually two different colors. The top left block is medium blue rather than navy. The lower left block is a gorgeous blue-green. I think DGS#5 will love the stripy-ness of this ghan. It will certainly be a visual challenge!! The yarny goodness is Plymouth Encore in the cream color. The rest is Cascade 220. We all know just how satisfying it is to work with these yarns, don't we? My size 8 needles and I love them!
I give you the bunched up wedding ghan! There's a lot going on there--not easy to see the stems and buds along the bottom edge and the horizontal row of leaves with the seed stitch. This is for DGS#1 and his bride-to-be. Since the wedding is a little over a year away, I'm not in a rush to complete it. Its a combo of "Nature in Natural" from Lion Brand and the "Entwined Trees" by Nicky Epstein. Once again, we have the ever-faithful Plymouth Encore yarn.

A candy corn ghan from stash is my mindless knitting project since I'm making it up as I knit with--What, children? Why yes, it IS Plymouth Encore. Despite what you may be thinking here, I am in no way affiliated with that company--just have lots and lots of their yummy yarn! Random stripes and a combination of seed, stockinette, and garter stitches make up this baby blanket that will be donated to the Nurse-Family Partnership in NE Colorado.

As I sit at my computer knitting, reading or listening to a book, I look up to watch the finches at the feeder. The tiny goldfinches make me smile as I enjoy the splash of cheery yellow. Doncha just love nature?! I do!

Happy knitting!

The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. ~ Psalm 29:11

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