The Arrival Of Vince Flynn

Oh my! The books by Vince Flynn are filling up a book shelf as they arrive from my online book trading. So exciting! After reading Term Limits I knew I had to begin the Mitch Rapp series from Book One, so to the web sites I went to order, order, order--freebies all. Now the books are arriving and I can barely settle down enough to read Book One! Every time I try, there is an interruption of one sort or another.

Today I received a tightly wrapped parcel from someone named Frederic Did I mention that it was tightly wrapped? I immediately thought of my tightly wrapped bequestor as Fussy Frederick who had very responsibly wrapped his--now my-- Vince Flynn tome in The Wall Street Journal with enough tape to secure it unto the ages, followed by a thin sheet of plastic as directed by the website. Tape? Yes, the tape yardage did its work very well. After tucking the snug parcel into the mailing envelope, the third or fourth tape roll was cracked open to secure the contents although not quite snugly enough. A small area was neatly pleated back and, yes, taped to ensure the tightness of paper to book. Now, I thank Fussy Frederick and appreciate not only his labors, but the silly story that popped into my head simply by receiving this package. Is Fussy Frederick an elderly gentleman who cherishes his reading time as well as the books that he sends along to others? Perhaps he is an early to mid-30s fellow, rather a cream puff in appearance yet tallish and bespeckled, who enjoys the daring-do of Mitch Rapp and the cleverness of the author.

Me? I'm a 60-ish retired teacher frequently confined to my home because of an inoperative immune system who thinks up silly stories, spends hours upon hours online, and gets quite lost in books.
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~Psalm 9:10

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