Blue Hat Brigade

Love the shadings in this "Fantasy" colorway from Dark Horse Yarns ( Its a nylon and acrylic blend that is very soft and a good choice for chemo caps. I loved working with it, but found it to be splitty. The knots! Two of three balls had knots. One ball had two knots in it. Not good! It knitted up beautifully on sizes 6 and 7 needles.

After mailing a chemo cap to dear SIL, I decided to make hats using the same yarn for the rest of the family. A Blue Hat Brigade of solidarity and support as he endures his treatments. His hat is stockinette with a roll brim. The hats are based on the "Beanie" pattern on page 17 of Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding. A few adaptations gave a bit of style to each hat.

This is for youngest DGS.

This hat looks wonky because I didn't get it shaped correctly for the pic. You get the idea, though. A basket weave pattern for eldest DGS.

I covet your prayers for DD, Dear SIL, and the children as their lives have been shaken by the cancer diagnosis.

God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory.

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angela said...

Will you e-mail(or rav p-mail) me the SIL's name, and you dd, just so I may pray for them by name?

Great hats. It's a cool idea.