Almost A Nina Shawl

I spend a lot of time knitting and reading on our deck. Since I've been wanting wrap for cooler weather, which will soon be upon us, I finally decided on the Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting. There have been other beginnings for my "deck shawl" which have been ripped and wound into yarn balls for decorative purposes only. None of the patterns seemed just right. The Nina Shawl is. Just right. Well, almost a Nina Shawl, that is, because the checkerboard part did not have the checkery look I wanted. Since I have solemnly vowed to use stash only (Ever heard that before? Anyone?), my stash yarns do not lend themselves to that clean, distinctive pattern.

So I am nina-ing with alpaca and wool and blends. Can we say "warm"? I'm not happy with the colors in the Malabrigo---a yellow/green icky shade. I decided this close to the mid-point of the shawl. DH dutifully remarked that he liked it---mainly because he knows what a frogger I am. So, with his approval, I continue merrily along. Even though the man has no color sense at all, I needed validation from someone!

I'm currently adding wide striping at the mid-point to add length so I can dramatically wrap and fling the shawl over my shoulder for the drama of it all for Lailah and me out on the deck.
But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, "You are my God!"
~ Psalm 31:14


moo said...

Hi Pooch~I like it. Of course, green is my favorite color.

angela said...

I love the stripes, the is just beautiful.