Wishful Drinking -- Sad

Having enjoyed Carrie Fisher's humor in the past, I anticipated the same refreshing experience in her most recent book. Based on her stand-up act, this book is a sardonic account of her mental illness and addictions. Her list of excruciatingly painful experiences range from her parents, her step=fathers, her movie role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, her affairs and marriages, to her self-destructive addictions and assorted recoveries. While her wit is evident, her bitterness permeates the book. When she mentions her teen daughter, I can only wonder what challenges her child faces with a mother who's an addict in and out of treatment centers, among other treacheries. For a promotional video, see

Ultimately I felt profoundly sad for this pathetic woman. I do pray for the author to find solace and peace.
Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. --Psalm 33:20


Lupie said...

I didn't read the book but saw her on the View. She seemed very together and seemed to be past some of these difficulties.
I look up to people who are fighting addictions and can come out the other side. We all have to deal with choices we make along our journey and hope those who have been affected will forgive and learn form our trespasses. I think I may read this book. I may learn something.

moo said...

I saw Carrie on "The Bonnie Hunt Show"~my fave talk show, so funny~and like Lupie said, she seemed very together. You never really do know what people go through, and I find it interesting that one would want to write a book about their intimate struggle in life. I hope she truly is at peace. I may read this book.