Thank you, Paul Newman

Watching a 1998 TV interview with Paul Newman tonight I was struck by his comments on retirement:
I think we retire from a facet of life to another facet. There’s lots of stuff out there waiting for me. Can’t retire from life.

Another quip that I enjoyed while reading about him was in response to all the fuss about his (sigh...) blue-blue eyes. When he was younger he said his epitaph might be…

He died a failure because his eyes turned brown.

Love his wit and intelligence, his irreverence and philanthropy, his many talents, his humanity.

May God comfort his family.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Lovely tribute to Paul Newman.
He was a class act.
Enjoyed your blog.
Thanks for visiting mine.

Lupie said...

He was a good human! We should all be so good!

Anonymous said...

Very nice tribute to a nice guy, great actor. I liked him in The Sting and another where he was a lawyer in a Hallmark movie, I think. He was a good one. Oh, like your scarf