Dogs-n-Books on Thursday

Peek-a-boo! When I grabbed the camera, both had their eyes closed.

Have your book tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

Great question, given my advanced years. :D It does give me pause to think about the many books I've enjoyed and what common threads may connect them relative to my situation at the time. The first thing that I realize is that I tend to select non-fiction featuring characters near my own age at the time of reading. I do look for characters and/or topics that connect to me in age or circumstance as well as those that transport me to another place.
Though I've always enjoyed biography, my reading includes more memoirs and biographies now. I find it interesting to read about life's patterns and how each is affected by them, how each reacts, how I react. Life's journey connects everyone. I have moved away from autobiography and found an affinity for memoirs. I do tend to read several books about the same person or group to detect commonalities in each book. That gives credence to what most probably is true. Well, unless its the same interview subject in every book!!
I definitely have excluded books that are sexually graphic and/or violent. Now, I read to experience positive feelings at the end of the book. I avoid sad and very emotional books. Yes, I now realize upon reflection, that it has everything to do with changes over the years.

As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength. ~ Psalm 138:3


Sonya said...

What a great picture! Are they both boxers??

Paula said...

My oh My how she has grown and almost as long as Max!
What a sweet shot!