Wordless Wednesday -- Seen Holbrook, AZ


Carmi said...

Oh man, I can almost imagine the discussion at City Hall when they decided to assign THAT street name. This is classic!

(Never mind actually LIVING on this street. Coolness!)

I've posted my own - admittedly not as funny - Wordless Wednesday contribution here:

I hope you can drop by sometime soon for a glimpse at some of the photographic craziness around here. I don't just limit it to Wednesdays!

Have a great rest-of-WW, and I hope to e-see you soon.

All the best,


Marsha said...

I don't think I want to know the story behind that street name!

You can find me here:

Happy WW!

Regina said...

Wow, that is a street I would not want to live on!
Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm~speechless here!