Baby Surprise Sweater

This is the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ or BSS) from The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman made with Mission Falls 1824 cotton and size 7 needles. I did it as a KAL mentioned in a previous post.

Having completed the knitting, I'm ready to do the oragami-like folding to transform this piece from blob to sweater. Lay it out with wrong side facing you.

Fold the left side toward the center. Note the green marker is moved from lower left toward the center.

Pull the side with the green matker toward the top of the sweater.

Then fold the two extended pieces to form a sleeve. Can you see the sweater taking shape?

Do the same placement on the right side of the sweater. There are many ways to seam the top sleeves. On this one, I decided to single crochet the seams on the right side using the red/orange to add some detail.

I did a simple single crochet around the neck line.

A crocheted picot finish on the sleeves added a sweet touch. Note that I added a band of stockinette amidst the sea of garter for some stitch contrast.

The buttons were in Mother's button jar from a red and white sundress that she wore in the '50s. Now her great grand-daughter will wear them. It has been slightly less than two years since Mother passed.
And, yes, it becomes a sweater!!

Excel in showing respect for each other. Romans 12:10 b


Beth said...

Thanks for showing how the jacket goes together. I liked seeing that. Your BSJ looks really nice!

Greatfullivin said...

What a beautiful sweater, and thanks for showing the step by step. What a blessing for the great grandaughter to have a part of great grandmas sundress! So thoughtful of you to include them for her.

Knitted Gems said...

Wow! It was really neat to see it transform into a jacket. Thanks for all the pics.

moo said...

The buttons truly make the sweater! Beautiful and lovely. Great pictures for those who dont have the DVD. Good job, Pooch! I just started mine in green Dream In Color and love it.

Traceyleezle said...

That is so nice about the buttons. I still enjoy looking at the pink ones you picked out for me, they are still to precious to use just yet, I am waiting for the perfect project.
I always wondered how those jackets worked. Thanks.

Paula said...

I love that EZ Jacket!
I have the pattern book but haven't tried knitting it yet.
Yours came out beautifully!
What great buttons too!

P.S. Happy Birthday!