I am currently needling Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket in The Opinionated Knitter by EZ and the KAL notes from What? You don't think this looks even remotely like a one piece sweater? I AM shocked!! Stay tuned, oh ye of little faith! I love making these sweaters--a surprise every time! I am using Mission Falls 1824 cotton on this one. The main color is off-white with an orange/rust shade as the second color. With my size 7 circs, I am needling an EZ BSJ.
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Knitted Gems said...

I'm going to stay tuned. I've never seen a Baby Surprise sweater come together. It looks more like a tree skirt right now, since I don't see any armholes. Can't wait to see how it all works out.

Beth said...

I haven't knitted that pattern before. The sweaters are always so pretty! Can't wait to see yours. :)

Crochetoholic said...

I have not knitted this one so not sure what it looks like???

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Long time no comment from me~sorry~busy and a bit ill. Take a look at Stacey's BSJ from yesterday, I think. She's at Sheep In The City. Cute. I really like the stripe in yours. I ordered some yarn to make one for our soon~to~be fourth grandchild due in August. Can I really do this? It looks complicated!! Blessings~