Getting Ready for Summer Camp

While reading Terri Lynne at, I suddenly realized that I will miss the Estes Park Wool Market while I am at California Camp Stitches

I am registered for three mornings doing entrelac with Gwen Bortner so I bought my yarn last Monday.

I was drawn to the Bunny Print first, then added in the second and third colors with the help of the LYS lady at Wild-n-Woolie. (They don't have a website.) I intend to make a scarf, but--who knows?--I may be drawn to something else. I am so anticipating the other events at camp and the Monterey atmosphere---love it there!
Here's a fun site to browse! Lots of eye candy!

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---A. N. Whitehead


Dawn said...

ooooh, entrelac. have fun!

Tracey said...

Sooooo, I get to go to camp with you right????

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Hope you have ablast at the camp...I wish I would have known ahead of time as I would have joined you. I am planning on going to the convention in Oakland in the fall though...I want to hear all the details when you come back...Crochetoholic Debb