Dulaan and Bistro

Here are a few items I made for the Dulaan Project and mailed yesterday. There is a shipment that will go out in July, however you can send items at any time to be held for the next shipping date.

I spent considerable time with a bistro while DH and I were travelling! With not in, that is! The back of the Bistro sweater is almost finished.
You can see the colorful stranding in the yarn here in this close-up. Stockinette is the perfect mindless knitting! I do have to actually think---but only a little---when it comes to armhole shaping. I had posted this yarn in blue to show how it looks. I am actually using this color which is dark red---definitely not fuchsia!

A few notes:

To Allena, Tracey, & Teabird: The Wordless Wednesday pic which I have personally named Brushtache is displayed in an outdoor gallery in Denver. I know you'll be thrilled that it is for sale, so I can get more specific info if you rilly-rilly want it!!

To Tracey and Terri Lynn: I dearly wish I could handle all the stairs to get to the upper deck for stitch and pitch!! DH and I sit in club seats because we can use the elevator and get around easier in the enclosed part that is air conditioned and much-much less crowded. We're so disappointed that we couldn't get seats there for the Yankees-Rockies games. wah!

Good friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

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teabird said...

Much as the Brustache tempts me, I'll have to forego...