Wobbly Snake

When I suddenly realized that I don't have a secret pet snake to wear the snake sweater, I decided to use it for the sides, bottom, and handle of my Wobbly Tote!! Ingenious! I had knit it with random striping and stitched down one side across the bottom and up the other side of one rectangle. Then I added the second rectangle and did the same to form the tote. I didn't bind off and left a knitting needle on one end in case I needed to lengthen the strap.

Here it is resting on the hammock after it's birthing. I think it looks like a sad face with a green mole!

After felting, Wobbly is looking happier---although this is the other side of the tote! I used Lamb's Pride bulky and a size 10 1/2 needle. I discovered that I do prefer working with Jo Sharp wool over Lamb's Pride. I used Jo Sharp on the mitered bag that I felted and found it much easier to work with as well as being gentler on the hands.

Happiness is a finished Wobbly Tote! I'm adding industrial strength hook-and-loop for a closure, then sending it off to my sister in San Francisco.

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you . . .
---II Peter 3:9a


Allena said...

love it! the colors are great! lamb's pride looks so soft then you touch it and are totally let down!

Zee said...

Bravo! I think it looks wonderful, Pooch. Ingenious indeed. :)

Beth said...

It looks wonderful and I love the sides and handle!

Pooch said...

Thank you, Ladies!! I appreciate your comments!! :)

MollyKnits said...

nifty bag! I felted a bag a while back, and I use it all the time.

Pooch said...

Thanks, Molly! Felting is such a fun process!


Paula said...

Hi Pooch! That wobbly bag looks so great! And like a fun project! How much lambs pride did you use?
Also your ceramic bunny is very cute too. Max looks like he is going to lick him. :)

Beth said...

I adore it!! LOVE the colors, love the shape, love the patterns! Next on my agenda is felting....Felting in February!

Thank you for linking this gorgeousness up to Fibers on Friday!