Saturday Sky Part Deux

Waiting for the Rain


Shelley said...

I just noticed on your sidebar that you have received Jesus as your Saviour. I don't think I noticed that long ago was it? He's my Saviour too :o)

Pooch said...

Amen, Shelley!! It was 1999. How about you?


Shelley said...

Towards the end of 1999 for me. I usually say 2000 though because that is when I started going back to church.

I've known of Jesus since I was little but I don't think I had ever really asked Him into my heart. If I did, I feel away a long time ago. I also turned my back on him in the mid 90's. I still believed in Him and everything, just didn't think He was for me. Let's just say at this time that Satan was doing his best to lead me astray. Thankfully though, the Lord brought me back to Him :o)