Saturday Sky Traveling

My Saturday sky photo was taken on July 21 in Dallas. It was an overcast, but very hot and humid day. Looking at the postings of Saturday skies is a unifying experience and a lovely way to indicate our connectedness. Thanks to the originator of this idea. Her button is in the panel to the right.

Beautiful flowering shrubs in Texas.

Oklahoma Sky

Home in beautiful Colorado!

At Coors Field in Denver --- Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals

The scoreboard tells the sad tale of the 6-1 loss to the Cards.Yes, there was knitting! That's coming up in the next post! :)


Wisdom begins in wonder. --Socrates


e-Mom said...

Neat idea! I love the sky, especially with wispy clouds.

MollyKnits said...

What lovely pictures.

Michelle said...

As always, such beautiful pictures! If my screen were bigger I'd feel like I was there.

Pooch said...

Thanks, Ladies. I hope they're worth several thousand words as I'm too tired to write!!

I so appreciate your taking time to comment. Be blessed.