Max Goes Camping

Max loves to go camping. Must be the slower pace. The lounging, eating, sleeping. The joie de vivre. Sounds a lot like home!

It's amazing what escaping for a few days can do for one's spirit. Particularly when the destination is Carter Lake at Big Thompson Canyon.

The simplicity of life and closeness to nature is invigorating.

Two geese nesting in the vicinity of our camp site swam elegantly from their nest to search for food. They'll be there through the Fall when they teach the goslings to migrate, then return the next spring to raise another brood. Cycles of nature.

Watching a woodpecker scampering up a tree and pecking distracted me from my book as I was entertained by the bird quickly working through a small grove of cottonwood trees.

The rocks made red by the abundance of iron oxide in the area punctuated the shades of green trees and grasses.

While camping, I finished quite an interesting book, The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque by Jeffrey Ford. This book was a departure from my usual reading choices. A magical story of intrigue evolves and is set in 1863 when a portraitist accepts a commission to paint the portrait of a woman whom he is not permitted to see. The fantastical events which follow makes this one of those difficult-to-put-down novels. Give it a try!

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party! ---Robin Williams


Jessica said...

Camping is so relaxing! :)

I just found your blog...if you stop by mine anytime'll see my kids in the adventure of planting their very first vegetable garden!!! LOL
Hope that you can find the time to come by my blog site and please post a comment when you do...I like for those who visit my site to let me know they've been there :) (you will need to 1. register (FREE), on the right side of my site before you post...this is just to make your visits more personalized, etc. and then 2. click "Leave Your Comments" back at the regular part of my site on any comments that interests you, and then 3. "Post Reply" once the comments page comes up and type your comment).

I'll try to visit your site regularly and hope that you visit mine as well! :) God Bless! :)

Pooch said...

Thanks, Jessica, for your lovely comments! I'll skip on over to your blog soon!


Carrie K said...

I'm glad you had a nice rejuvenating camping trip. Max certainly looks relaxed.

The book sounds interesting! So many books. So little time.

Pooch said...

I know-I know!! Reading, knitting, blogging--what to do first? Oh yes, then there's the rest of life too!!!

I have come across some intriguing books recently that have completely commanded my attention. I love it when that happens!

Zee said...

Breathtaking scenery! What a joy it must have been to your soul. :)

Hope you are well.