No knitting or crocheting today, although I did go to a LYS with a friend. My sole purchase--out of necessity--is below.

I want to get back to the world map ghan that I started last Fall for J. The picture is elsewhere in this blog. To do so, I needed more giant bobbins for carrying colors. Each package has two bobbins, so I should be well supplied along with the ones I had already.

I'm watching buds. Bud-watching! How exciting is that?! hee-hee The mock orange blossomed today.

Can't see the delicate yellow centers, darn! My favorite flower is blooming all over town, but my peony bush is teasingly loaded with closed buds! The great awakening should happen soon, though.

I bought this little double heart bird house for Mother when she first moved to assisted living after her initial strokes. It now graces our deck bringing memories of Mother's last two years.

Several journaled bits from my reading of Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland:

p. 150: The mother simply states, "Work is love made plain." as she remains at home to care for the family's needs.

Conflict: Love for art vs. love for family.

Vermeer's use of a white wash over the blue paint for his daughter's dress color.

Daughter's deep desire to paint was denied because females were not permitted to do so.

Feeling exceedingly foolish opens the mind to the spikes of insight. ~~~Abdus Salaam, Nobel physicist


Beth said...

Pooch, I really enjoyed reading Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper! It was one of those books I couldn't put down once I got into it. :)

Pooch said...

I found it to be a clever approach to writing about the daily life of this gifted artist. The book has a sweetness about it.


wooliedi said...

The two peonies in my yard are transplants from the bushes at my grandpa's house in Louisville. The originals were planted at least 50 years ago! I can still hear my grandmother wondering every year if they would bloom in time for Decoration Day.

Pooch said...

How fascinating! Fifty years! That's an amazing amount of time! Mine began to open yesterday, so I feel better knowing that they met your grandmother's criteria even though we are in very different locations!

Thanks for your note!