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With all the intriguing views of cities and the wonders of nature posted online, I now offer the reality check of my experience while driving in a southeasterly direction. These are the harsh facts, people.
A gripping panorama as seen from a hotel room in Salina, Kansas. Be still my heart!
Things improve in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where spring adds glorious color!

Zooming past Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Having already done the tour in years gone by, I just snapped a quickie as we drove by the property.

~~The House Where Elvis Lived ~~

Tiny beauties in Hoover, Alabama

And when I am lifted up on the cross, I will draw everyone to myself. ---John 12:32


Carrie K said...

I stayed in Salina, Kansas! On route to moving my brother from here (CA) to PA. Only I pronounce it incorrectly. Too much Latin influence hereabouts.

Pooch said...

Yes, I know, I have to think about not pronouncing it in Spanish or turning it into Salinas, CA.