Emotions Are Not Words

I always look forward to my "puffies" arriving in the mail. A puffie is usually a manilla envelope with one or two 12-inch crocheted squares for me to add a border and include in an Operation Purple Heart afghan to send to the survivors of a soldier who has perished. (See Heartmade Blessings button in the side panel.)

Yesterday a box arrived from an HMB contributor. Wow!! A whole box of squares instead of one or two! I'll be able to complete a ghan today, I thought. As I tore into the package, I saw pink and yellow. Oh no I thought, the square maker must have gotten the addresses switched because squares for me are purple and white. I would just email her and ask her where to send it.

Then, I pulled out the contents and saw the letter. The ghan had arrived at the correct address. It is a beautiful, gorgeous, delicate floral ghan made by the wonderful HMB angels for me in memory of my precious mother. I went from confusion to tears in an instant. I spread it out and looked at each amazing square, at every tag with the name and location of each contributor, and I cried.

To everyone at HMB, thank you for the beautiful memorial to my beautiful mother. I am deeply blessed by your care and your talent. I never realized the feelings one experiences when receiving a ghan from HMB. Now I know. It moves me to want to make more and more ghans to bless others. God bless each of you.

The picture below shows the tote bag that can be used for the ghan.

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. ---Psalm 17:8


~drew emborsky~ said...

What a beautiful ghan!!

Pooch said...

Yes, I am so fortunate to have it!


Michelle said...

How beautiful- the gift and the meaning behind it. I know it will bring much warmth.

Zee said...

Pooch... I went into tears just reading your words -they are so full with pure emotion.

What a wonderful, precious gift. May it not only provide you with warmth and comfort on a cold day, but may it do so every moment, and soothe your spirit.

Bless you.

Pooch said...

Your words feel like hugs. Thank you so much.


Shelley said...

How touching!! That was so sweet and generous of them! And they did such a beautiful job at it as well!

Pooch said...

I agree. I will treasure it always.


Bonnie D. said...

Beautiful afghan and lovely tribute to your love for you mother. My condolences on her passing.