A Room With a View

Peeking between the curtains, I see...

The bags of bird seed are definitely worth the investment!

I am blessed.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston--Very witty, clever writer who realistically conveys thought processes--at least, to my way of thinking. For example, " 'You can break the rules now,' Dr. Rupert said during our last session, encouraging me to do something entirely different for Thanksgiving. 'The big rule is broken:Your loved one died.' But I'm pretty sure he meant fly to Hawaii or eat roast beef instead of turkey. I don't think he meant break all of my dishes, and I don't think I should leave the house anymore." page 55

Be still and know that I am God. ----Ps46:10


Shelley said...

I always enjoy watching the birds at the feeder. It's so relaxing.

Pooch said...

Gee, Shelley, was that your cat talking?! Hee-hee!