Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

God has blessed us with this beautiful earth. I was snap-happy this weekend!

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Scrub pine twisted by years of strong winds
Castle Rock

Sign in the parking lot at a Red Robin Restaurant

As I rode, I knitted my feather and fan throw with the Interlacement yarn that was on the swift in a previous post.

For a change of pace and yarn weight, I worked on my wobbly KAL in Lamb's Pride. (See button at right.)

Failure To Launch is a fun movie! If you haven't seen it and feel like laughing, collect your $200 and go directly to a theatre showing this movie!

Beethoven's Hair by Russell Martin was a challenging read, but one that I ultimately enjoyed. It is part documentary, part forensics report, less a novel, yet held my interest despite the lull in the description of the WWII years. The lingering sense from this novel is that there is no privacy-- even in death. A striking journal note written while reading this work is "huge improbabilities and little miracles lives." One month before his death, Beethoven scrawled, "Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est" --Applaud friends, the comedy is finished.
Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ---Carl Jung


Zee said...

Breathtaking! Those first two pictures make me want to paint!

Tricotine said...

OH! I have been there in 2001!!!

Beautiful, Beautiful place! Being in Garden of the Gods makes you feel so small and humble!

We also went to the Gorge Bridge... Woah!!! It is so high!!!

Aaaah... Beautiful Colorado!

Thanks for posting those photos! :)

And HAPPY KNITTING too! I love the Feather and Fan thraw! :)


Pooch said...

I hope you do follow your inspiration. It would be wonderful to have your talent!


Pooch said...


Thank you for your lovely message!! Colorado IS, if we only had the ocean and beaches.....don't want much, do I?


Paula said...

What beautiful photo's!
I love the colors of your wobbly project!

Pooch said...

Thanks, Paula!

The wobbly is a fun change of pace, easy pattern, and exciting colors!!


Michelle said...

Amazing. God is so good! Your wobbly and throw look like fun to work on. Love the colors.

Pooch said...

Thanks, Michelle! Bright-bright-bright colors!!