Is crocheting a snore?

Is that what Max is conveying here? This is my mandatory beside-my-computer project today. That project whimsically changes at any moment. To use up worsted weight bits and pieces, I chained a length for a lap ghan and sc three rows of color. Then, a row of what I call "ivory" into the second row below. The huge question in my mind is WHY did I start this in sc?? I mean, hdc is my absolute favorite crochet stitch!! So, why? Dunno. Doesn't everyone have a favorite crochet stitch? Do you? What IS your favorite? This is a long term commitment---this ghan and me--over the years, we'll knot up many bits and pieces.

Finished reading a book from the stack that I got at the library book sale, Lake News by Barbara Delinsky. It's a charming little story set on a lake in New Hampshire. The story is compelling and satisfying...a nice escape read.

You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.  ---Audrey Hepburn


Three Sisters Yarn said...

Lol! You could switch...
I love the quote.

Pooch said...

True! Thanks for your note!!

Shelley said...

I hear ya with regard to the single crochet! I prefer the double or half double myself.