A Year by the Sea

My yarn has arrived for the Wobbly Circles Tote KAL. Aren't these colors luscious? Mmm-mmm! They are resting in an antique sewing box that belonged to my sweet mother. So precious to me. She has the matching one that belonged to her mother.
It will be felted and sent to one of my sisters. Another project and ready to start! Imagine this bag in the above colors---simply stunning!
Time to get ready for another fun book swap at the Knit the Classics! This time it is a mystery swap for April's Fools Day.  So, I'm thinking about a good classic mystery for my swap partner. Suggestions, anyone?

Here are some favorite passages from the incredible writer Joan Anderson in her book, A Year by the Sea:
p.136 "When you see those you love infrequently, it takes time to reestablish honest connection....Adjusting the level...In search of perfect harmony."
p. 137 "'Don't you know feelings aren't thoughts? They're not always something you can talk about or explain. They're just what they are -- feelings!'"
p. 138 "Just let whatever comes flow through you and then away."
"Oh, God, let me enjoy the pleasure of being graceful."
The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on. --- Julia Alvarez


jess said...

I love the colours you have chosen for the bag - it is going to look great!

Thanks for your comment - I can tell you that one of the flowers is a rununculus (the white and purple ones), but no idea about the other ones... exotic, though!

Pooch said...

Thanks! Can we say BRIGHT?!!

Thanks for the flower info. That plant just amazes me!