Summer in Tuscany

 It's all about the setting for me. I love Tuscany and can feel the warm glow of the Tuscan atmosphere as I read this book. The writing is comfortable;the story is sweetly predictable. This is definitely is a comfort read that I am enjoying immensely.
 "Let me tell you right from the start, you wouldn't want to know me. Especially on a Saturday night. Why? Because that's when it's toughest here in the emergency room, and the only reason you would ever get to meet me is if you were wheeled in here on a guerney. Then it would be my face looking down at you in the glow of a white light saying, What's your name?...Where does it hurt?...Who did it?"
"A rabbit had darted out in front of her wheels and she had squealed to a halt, backed up, gotten out, inspected the dead creature, picked it up by its tail, and flung it into the back seat.
The next day her so-called majordomo came by....bearing a ceramic terrine and a little note saying, 'I do hope you'll enjoy this rabbit pate'. It's fresh.'"

Does this book interest you?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I think I read this one maybe 10 years ago...title familiar. The intro would make me read more, so enjoy and so happy you joined us this week.

Kim@Time2Read said...

Tuscany sound pretty good right now! it has caught my interest. I'd keep reading.

I'm spotlighting The Moon Sisters this week.

JoAnn said...

The setting would attract me and I like the intro, too. Enjoy!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I adore books that transport me to fabulous settings...thanks for sharing!


Nise' said...

I like the intro. Have not read this author.

kelley jensen said...

I like that beginning, I'd keep reading. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

Peggy Farooqi said...

Oh dear, poor rabbit :) The opening paragraph is interesting and I would read on.
My post is here

Margot said...

I also like an occasional sweet, comfort read. This one sounds good. I hope you are enjoying it.