Miss Buncle

The following selections are from Miss Buncle's Book by D. E. Stevenson. This clever book within a book is very different from my typical reading fare. The multi-level stories and word play are so delightful that I find myself smiling as I read. Set in a small village in the British country-side, the story is a latter day "Seinfeld" tale of a place where "nothing" the 1930s.
"One fine summer's morning the sun peeped over the hills and looked down upon the valley of Silverstream. It was so early that there was really very little for him to see except the cows belonging to Twelve=Trees Farm in the meadows by the river. They were going slowly up to the farm to be milked.their shadows were quite black, weird, and ungainly, like pictures of prehistoric monsters moving over the lush grass. The farm stirred and a slow spiral of smoke rose from the kitchen chimney."

"Mrs. Featherstone Hogg was less like a busy bee than anybody Barbara could think of. She was tall and willowy and tired, so tired that you could not help feeling it was good of her to trouble to speak to you at all."

What do you think? What are you reading?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I like that intro and it's definitely a book I would like to read ---enjoy and thanks for joining us.

Peggy Farooqi said...

Your synopsis of the book sounds very interesting, though I'm not sure I would read it only on the opening paragraph.My post is here

kelley jensen said...

this book sounds delightful. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

Boyett-Brinkley said...

This looks delightful! On my TBR list!