Habits of the House ~ Book Beginning
I am currently reading the first page of Habits of the House by Fay Weldon. It truly is the book beginning. Here is the first sentence:
In late October of the year 1899, a tall, thin, nervy, young man ran up the steps to number 17 Belgrave Square. He seemed agitated.
Which begs the question--why? (Oh, and I have surmised from my reading that the British say "nervy" in the manner that we in the USA use the adjective "nervous".)

I have chosen to read this book as a counterpoint to my other current read, Empty Mansions, a non-fiction work about Hughette Clark and her fortune. So, I'm thinking that a bit of British upstairs/downstairs might be just the right read...something light.

Would it appeal to you?


Elizabeth said...

Definitely will appeal to me...I LOVE books in this time period.

THANKS for sharing.

BEAUTIFUL BLOG...Love your side panels.

ENJOY your weekend.

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JC Jones said...

Great cover and beginning. Hope you enjoy the read.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Happy New Year, Pooch! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This book sounds really interesting -- going to check it out.