Cuckoo's Calling ~ What are you reading?

I'm currently reading and enjoying Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling).

Admittedly, I have not previously read Rowling so I cannot compare this title to her published works. However, while I find her writing appealing, it is quite simple and straight-forward. Her strength seems to be in plotting which carries this mystery through an interesting and twisting story line. Did the popular model commit suicide or was it something more sinister? A private investigator, whose estranged father happens to be a quite thin, world-famous rocker, has been hired to determine the cause of her death. Trite as this sounds, it is a good story for those who enjoy a mystery without detailed violence.

So...what are you reading?


Anonymous said...

I just finished A Cuckoo's Calling. I love Strike. Enjoy.
What I'm Reading...

Nise' said...

This book has good reviews. Have a great week.