The Queen Mother: The Official Biography
 "Wednesday 19 July 2000 was the day chosen for the pageant celebrating the hundredth birthday of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. In London, the day did not begin well."
Thus begins the biography of the long and eventful life of the mother of the current Queen Elizabeth. Though familiar with some events in her life, I am enjoying the book immensely as I read about this woman of character, strength, and great warmth.

Do you read biographies?


Kay G. said...

I love biographies, love them!
I read every one they had in the small library in my town when I was a kid and I have loved them ever since!
Would love to read this one about the Queen Mother.

Kay G. said...

Love biographies, LOVE them!

I would love to read this one about the Queen Mother, what a very long life she had, think of all that she witnessed.

Tea norman said...

I've read the life of Queen Elizabeth but not the life of the Queen Mum.

Tea norman said...

Yes, I like biographies more now than in past years.

Lindsay said...

I do read biographies from time to time, and it's fascinating to discover the person behind the public face. I hope you enjoy this one.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I am fascinated by the Royals...and haven't read anything about the current Queen. I am intrigued.