The Friday 56 ~ Himmelman

I am linking to "The Friday 56" in the side bar, a great place to visit for book blurbs. Join in and leave a page 56 quote from a book you are reading.

From Yours In Truth:A Personal Portrait of Ben Bradlee by Jeff Himmelman:

"The story of Ben's life has a lot of mythic elements to it--not apocryphal, but big, cosmic, blurring the lines between fate and luck and free will, like the story with the rain on his way down from Boston. He got his start in journalism, for instance, because his dad wanted him to have a job one summer and happened to know the owner of the Beverly Evening Times, a small paper near the Bradlee summer place."

Ben Bradlee's life among the powerful elite of Washington, D. C. is a fascinating tale of a man born to wealth and success who is determined to live on his own terms.

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