Deadly Politics

Deadly Politics (A Molly Malone Mystery #1)Deadly Politics by Maggie Sefton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I continually return to this author because I want to like her books, but her writing style distracts from the story. Much of this book is the back-story on each character; so that the action does not move forward so much as stagnate. Another distraction is the over-use of similes. The awkward writing takes my attention away from what I had hoped would be an enjoyable read.

This is a promising series with an interesting premise as the widow of respected legislator returns to D.C. and the swirl of political drama. The author inserts life style details that lend a breath of authenticity to the events. Sorry to say, it was only an OK read for me.

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Trish said...

Hmm probably not a book for me. I know what you mean about authors you *want* to like - I have a few of those too - and somehow they just don't click. Too much backstory is a big turn-off for me.

Anonymous said...

I read one of her books. Like you, I wanted to like her but came away feeling distracted and lead astray.