Espenson Tunic WIP

 Knitting side-to-side with lovely Linsey yarn from Berroco is a delight! This yarn is a cotton/linen blend and does not split! I know!! I love it! This colorway is #6503 "Oak Bluffs". You can see the selection of colorways here in solids "as well as gently shifting multicolor shades". It is light weight and draping beautifully.
 What am I creating with this beautiful yarn? It is, or will be, the Espenson tunic knit side-to-side, in one piece with ONE SEAM!! Boxy? Yes. Comfy for summer? Absolutely!
 The free pattern and pix of the finished item are here. Lotsa mindless stockinette perfect for my mindless I hope I finish it to wear this summer! knit.  knit.  knit.

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mkonieczki said...

Cotton linen that doesn't split! Count me in! :-D

Andria said...

The yarn sounds, and looks wonderful. I love the colours, they are perfect for summer. I took a peek at the pattern, I like it! It will be great to just throw on and go.