Felted Tote on a Boat

The tote-on-a-boat is finished! Does anything feel as good as an FO?! Well, yes, I guess so, however an FO is right up there! The beginnings are mentioned here and here.
 It took two cycles of agitation in hot water, detergent, with a pair of jeans to felt the stitch definition out of this Rowan Colorscape yarn.
 I made a pocket by crocheting (because it was faster than knitting it) a rectangle and hand-sewing it on three sides with wool and a yarn needle. I was a bit concerned about how the crochet piece would felt compared to the knitting, but it is just perfect. Of course, I made the pocket twice the size of what I wanted and it worked beautifully.

I reinforced the bound off stitches for the handles by crocheting a strip across the stitches. I was concerned about the handles supporting the weight of the tote's contents. Does your bag ever feel like it weighs a ton like mine does?

This bag is ready to load with my netbook and camera and knitting and other necessities when DH and I board the train for the East coast, then a knitting cruise north along the coast to Canada and Nova Scotia! The cruise is with Craft Cruises, something that makes me smile as I think of it now. What is your Fiber news today?

On the deck table: Happy-happy blooms of pink geraniums and Iceland Poppies


Marushka C. said...

The bag came out beautifully -- the colors are lovely. I like what you did with the pocket and also for the reinforced handle. I think one of the main drawbacks to knitted bags, even if felted, is that the handles aren't always strong enough for the crazy things we want to put into them.

Enjoy your cruise, it sounds lovely.

WonderWhyGal said...

LOVE your bag! It's sassy. I have to admit that I have never felted any knitting (on purpose) because I am fascinated by wet felting roving and fiber so I am always in awe when a knitted item gets fulled. It's beautiful.

Spinster Beth said...

That is one gorgeous tote!

I can say that my knitted totes always wind up with the handles or straps waaaaaaaaaaaaay stretched out.

angela said...

Beautiful work! I'm off to start my Fiber Arts Friday--I really miss it.

AllyB said...

That's a great striping yarn. Your bag turned out really nice. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Beth said...

Craft Cruises?! Why have I not heard of such a thing? And your husband is going with you? What a gem!! I hope you have a blast and please come back and tell us all about it!!

Love the bag, btw!!!