Photobucket When I first saw these knitting dice, I thought that they would be so easy to make with some cubes from the craft store and a Sharpie. As you can see, I eventually did order them via

The kit includes a pattern for a "Chaos Scarf", but I chose to make a square for my crazy afghan. The ivory colored cube is the Master Cube that indicates knit, purl, slip, increase, decrease, or cable/twist. The other cubes are used based on the ivory cube.
Well, you can end up with chaos bordering on disaster, so I occasionally adjusted stitches to avoid extreme ickiness. It is fun to use the dice for a strange, unique variety in knitting! I can imagine doing this with a set of regular dice by assigning specific stitches to the numbers on assorted colors of dice. Fun? Silly? Why, yes it is!
What are you knitting?

on disaster


Melissa said...

Not sure how this works. Do you roll the dice and so what it says?

If so I certainly can see how you could get a disaster.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

no spring chicken said...

What fun! I've never seen such a thing.

Blessings, Debbie