Fibers on Friday ~ Valentine hearts

 Soon it will be time to send Valentines to the seven grands. The five older ones (8 yrs. - 21) will find $$ in their envelopes, but I can still crochet a little something for the two youngest to hang on the door knobs of their bedrooms.
 I had originally planned to make a string of three each, but decided to simplify because I really-really want to finish the mitered square ghan and move on to complete a prayer shawl. That's not to say that these simple hearts are time consuming. They're quickie projects with a slightly quirky pattern. I adjusted it somewhat for these hearts, but I tend to do that with patterns in general.

There's still plenty of time to make some of these yarny Valentines using the free pattern at

Do visit Beth's blog to see all of the posted projects and add yours to the list! Happy Valentine knitting!


Madeleine said...

Love those hearts. I crocheted a couple of hearts 2 years ago and gave them away before taking a photo of them - Darn! Have you seen the knitted poem? :O)

Beth said...


Mindy said...

Very cute!!! I love them. =D