Birds In A Christmas Tree

We have two small Christmas trees. The one on the window seat in my office has a bird theme. Here are a few of my Christmas tree birdies:

Some are knitted like this blue/green creation from the late 70s.

A few are "bell birds" like this cardinal.

Of course there is a wise old owl.

Love these gorgeous clip-on birds.

Another cardinal--this one in blown glass.

Don't they look like they're chirping?

The pinata is a little treasure from a trip to Cancun just days before Christmas, 2006. The cute little tree is a gift from a student in 1989. Each is a  favorite. Our living room tree has a theme of snowflakes and icicles. I'm hoping to snap some pix of it soon!
How did you decorate your tree?
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Beth said...

I love all your birds and I think that's a cool theme. Our tree is decorated with everything - ornaments we've bought, ornaments people have given us, etc. My daughter does have a turquoise blue theme going on her tree. :)

moo said...

We have not gotten a tree yet. perhaps on Monday. Husband is feeling a bit ill right now with a scratchy throat, and I need him to go with me. We usually pull out all our ornaments that I wrap up from the year before. It's like opening gifts and remembering where each one came from. No theme, but fun anyway. A theme sounds like a good idea!

Annie Frisbie said...

Hi Carol!!!

I couldn't find your email so hopefully you see this--I am your Holiday Book Blog Swap Santee but I couldn't get gift options for the book I bought you. So, when you get The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax in the mail, it's from Annie the Superfast Reader. I really enjoyed it & hope you do, too!

rosamariastriegel said...

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