Washington's Lady

Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser
Amid all the anticipation and dazzle surrounding our new First Couple, reading about the first-First Couple has been especially moving. Laying the foundation for leadership was a daunting challenge for George and Martha Washington. I've read so little about Martha that I was completely enthralled by this historical fiction related in her first person voice.

The narration of daily life in mid-to-late 1700's opens a world of hard work, war, teeth-rattling travel, unchecked disease, and family relationships that speaks to us through time. Their love and devotion to one another cascades to others in caring acts of kindness and consideration. What a marvelous couple! They complemented each other and built a solid life for Martha's children from her first marriage and a soothing home for George's weary returns from battles.

The story covers Martha's grief at the loss of her first husband, her courtship and marriage to George, and their lives as people of strength and courage. I feel I have at least some notion of this incredible woman who has been lost in the mists of time for far too long.
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Dianne said...

I'm in the middle of that book right now, and enjoying it very much! Have you read "Mozart's Sister" and "Just Jane" by Nancy Moser? They are good, too, especially Just Jane.

Beth said...

That sounds like a great book! I'm looking for something for a Christmas gift. This sounds like just the thing.

Amy said...

I enjoyed this book as well!