Wash Them Dishes!!

Finished a couple sets of dishcloths in "Peaches & Creme" for Christmas gifts. With a tube of hand lotion, each set will make a nice gift! I have previously posted pattern info about some of these, so if its not in this post, look to a previous one. First, I give you red!
Fun to knit with an easily remembered two-row repeat, this is the "Waffle Weave Dishcloth" at The pattern shows a three-color repeat, but two colors make me happy! Love the freshness and texture of this!

This simple knitted cloth has a garter border and three garter ridges to add off-center texture (as opposed to centered texture). The basic pattern is from

Presenting..............the RED SET!!!! Tah-dah! Rather an Olympic moment, don't you think?

And now...I feel I need flaming torches and huge drums to help introduce THE Yellow Set!!! Can you find the crocheted one? Of course you can!

And now for something completely may have heard that there's a big ol' convention happening in Denver. The local news people are poking fun at comments made by visitors. On the radio this morning: "I was talking to a reporter from Italy. He really likes Denver. He said he's been to Boston and NYC and thinks Denver is what those cities were like a hundred years ago!" ah-HAH, ah-HAH, ah-HAH! Is that Italian for "cow town"?
The NBC national news team finally figured out that we refer to the home of the Broncos as Mile High Stadium. Invesco spent piles of money to build the new stadium a few years ago, so they deserve their due. It was a pitched battle to determine the name of the new structure. The compromise (sorta) is the name "INVESCO Field at Mile High". I didn't say it isn't a mouthful!! So, Mile High it is! I think the local media has to say Invesco Field for corporate reasons, but even they slip back to calling it Mile High. So, I had to laugh when the national NBC reporter apprised us that "They're calling it Mile High now." NOW??! :)
Have YOU ever been to Denver?
Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—my Savior and my God! ~~~ Psalm 42:11

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Paula said...

I love your wash cloths!
What a good idea putting hand lotion with them as gifts!
I need to crack out the ol' cotton yarn and make a few up for last second gifts.