Christmas & Dish Cloths

I know. How merry, right? Here are a few dish cloths I have made to start sets for Christmas gifts. All are made with Peaches & Creme cotton yarn. The red and white one is the "Slip Stitch Dish Cloth" pattern available at The above pic is not as crisp as I'd like, but you get the idea.
The multi-colored cloth is the "Grid Pattern Dish Cloth" from
Somewhere in the mists of past time, I had read about using multicolored yarn for any stockinette project and choosing one color in the yarn to do in the opposite stitch to add interest. So the yellow/gold/white cloth is a basic stockinette stitch with only the gold sections done in the opposite stitch...knit on the purl side, purl on the knit side. It adds texture for wiping up counter tops and such. Its ridiculously fun to knit as well! I used 8s over 45 stitches and crocheted an edging to finish it.
God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. ~ 2 Corinthians 1:3b


Polly said...

I just starting thinking about XMas gifts too. Good for you for making progress.

moo said...

Just cannot think of Christmas now! But your gifts look great!

Ellen Bloom said...

I like the slipped stitch Xmas discloth. Thanks for the idea for early Xmas gifts! I think a dishcloth paired with some yummy tea would make a nice gift.