Wordless Wednesday: Putting It Away


Natalie said...

Putting it away is always harder than putting it up. But it's such a relief when all is done. Have a happy New Year!

Ingrid said...

until next christmas . . . in canada, they call it Boxing Day, when you put away all your christmas stuff!!! what a great idea, i wish we have that here in the U.S. :)

Anonymous said...

mines away too!

**"Liza"** said...

I couldn't agree more..this is the un fun part of;)
Wishing you the best this New year! :)
Mine is here

Villager said...

Happy New Year! Great WW photo! Reminds me of some work that needs to be done around the house today (sigh)...

I'm thinking about the POTUS election tomorrow and hoping that Barack Obama wins. That is focus of my WW post this week.

peace, Villager

Knitted Gems said...

I agree. Putting everything away is much harder than bringing it all out. Mine won't go back up until Jan 7th (it's tradition in our house to wait for Jan 6th/Three Kings to pass).

Paula said...

Happy New year!
Oh it gets harder every year to put all the Christmas stuff away.
This year my cat stole the little baby Jesus out of the nativity and I can't find him anywhere so I am hesitant about putting that all away in case he turns up.
I had a good time catching up on your blog!
I can't believe how big your puppy got already.
and oh my goodness I can't believe she ate all those anti imflamitories.
What a really stress time you have had with her.
I hope she is okay now and that she is healing.
I always worry about Elise doing that, since she will pretty much eat most things too.
Max looks like he is such a good protector and nurse for her.
I pray 2008 is a better year for you and your family.