Hats to Warm the World

My eyes welled with tears when I read the end-of-the year newsletter from Warm the World. So much good has been done through the hands of yarnies, so many items given those in need. It is beyond heart-warming. The newsletter might be at where you can read about this ministry. This project is growing by leaps and bounds.

Among the needs are hats with a reminder that teen boys like dark, solid colored hats and scarves. Another item that caught my eye is the popularity of hats with ear flaps and Shirpa hats. There are, of course, other items needed.

Today I used some chunky Malabrigo and size 10.5 needles to make the "Iceland Ear flap Hat", a free pattern at I added bits of Colinette mohair for fun and convinced Miss Alexandra from my doll collection to model this too large hat on her.

Isn't she just the most precious baby? I had to scrunch the hat since it is not doll-size, but she still is quite fetching!
The pattern starts with the i-cord, then garter ear flaps, 1x1 ribbing, and stockinette. It's a fun knit, however I am now doing a crochet hat with the Malabrigo just for a change of pace.
Hope your knitting is happy knitting!
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Beth said...

Thanks for that link. I glanced through the site and plan to look at it more closely.

Beth said...

Oops! I forgot to say how cute your hat is. I really like it!